Holiday Camps In Italy

Holiday camps in Italy can offer all the sunshine and culture you could wish for, together with a number of conveniently-placed airports so that you can choose between driving to your destination or opting for a fly-drive package.

A land of many surprises, and a wonderful way of life, it is impossible to visit Italy just once. That’s why many visitors who try holiday camps in Italy tend to come back again and again. You'll have to hurry though, as these holiday camps tend to be booked up very quickly due to their great popularity.

Italy offers a fabulous combination of beautiful scenery, golden beaches, ancient cities and a deep cultural history. Camping in Italy is a superb way to explore the country, with something for everyone to enjoy – watersports on Lake Garda, golden beaches and lively resorts on the Adriatic, the colourful landscapes of Tuscany, the sophistication of Rome and the charming islands of Elba, Sardinia and Sicily.

Canvas Holidays Eurocamp Keycamp
Italian Lakes Italian Lakes Lake Garda
Adriatic & Venetian Coast Adriatic & Venetian Coast Adriatic & Venetian Coast
Tuscany & Rome Italian Riviera, Tuscany & Southern Italy Tuscany & Rome
Sardinia (North Coast & South-East) Sardinia
Sicily Sicily

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Canvas Holidays can currently offer 22 holiday camps in Italy. They can be checked out by using the above table and clicking your preferred region or by going directly to their website: "Canvas Holidays"

Eurocamp can currently offer no less than 43 holiday camps in Italy. You can either check them out by using the above table and clicking your preferred region or by going directly to their website: "Eurocamp"

Keycamp can currently offer a choice of up to 15 holiday camps which you can either check out by using the above table and clicking your preferred region or by going directly to their website: "Keycamp"

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