Finding the Right Camp Site

Camping is becoming ever more popular year on year, particular with families with small children who appreciate the excellent value for money offered by camping. Combined with this, fresh air and eating al fresco add to the experience.

Finding the right campsite need not be difficult once certain factors have been borne in mind. Although most people drive, not everyone has a vehicle and if you are one of the latter group you need to make sure that you choose a campsite where public transport is on hand.

Do you want to be near a beach? This is often a criteria when it comes to camping and there are many excellent sites throughout the UK which are situated near to beaches or on clifftops with easy access to the sea. Remember that there is a lot of paraphernalia attached to going to the beach especially where small children are involved so it is a good idea to ensure that you`ll be able to carry those buckets, spades, beach tents, clothing and so on without having to make several journeys to and from the tent.

Others prefer the peace and quiet of the countryside, away from towns and cities, simply to enjoy fresh air and solitude. If this is your thing, try to find out if the campsite has a quiet area away from the possibility of rowdy single sex groups. Alternatively if you are part of a group of friends who want to go away camping together then check with the campsite beforehand as different sites have different rules and regulations.

Campsites are increasingly being brought up to date with facilities such as club houses which not only offer evening entertainment but also may provide cooked breakfast or snacks throughout the day. This type of campsite means that you don`t have to go off site at all if you don`t want to. Other sites have fewer facilities and, for entertainment, you will have to go to the nearest town or village.

Larger campsites invariably have a shop where you can buy not only food but also daily necessities which you may have omitted to bring along. Food can be more expensive in these places but the convenience often outweighs the added cost.

Local tourist boards will be pleased to advise on campsites in their area and will provide you with a list which will also show which particular facilities the site offers. Many sites offer tents for hire already in situ which means you get the benefit of not having to purchase or erect your own tent.

Not everyone wants to stay in a tent however particularly in an area where the weather is unpredictable. You might prefer a caravan or torent a private villa in order to ensure you are dry indoors whatever the weather.

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