Camping Holiday Space Saving Ideas

When it comes to camping holidays, anything that neatens, tidies and saves space can be a Godsend. Camping is great fun but things can quickly descend into chaos if you are poorly organised.

If you are on a family camping holiday with the kids, then keeping things tidy and organised can be a challenge. One way to tackle this is to plan ahead. As you set up camp, or even before if you are that organised, take stock of what storage space your tent offers and allocate storage for particular purposes. You will find that living out of a suitcase for a week or more in a confined space can lead to all manner of messiness unless you agree in advance whose clothes go where! Hanging clothes organisers are also a good idea. Able to hang neatly from an inside pole, these organisers fold flat when not in use and can help keep your tent and living areas free of clutter.

If you are planning in cooking at the tent, then you will need to give some thought to food storage. A fold up camping larder helps to keep food off the floor and away from insects and other creepy crawlies. They come in many sizes and can even include a stand for your cooker. If you are stuck for space then use your cool box as a storage box. Cooking pots and utensils can also take up space. Investing in some camping pans can be a good idea. You will be amazed at what is available; pans with fold up handles or even pan sets that fit neatly inside one another so you get 3 or small 4 pans that fit in to one large pan. If you only have one gas burner but need to feed a lot of people, consider taking a 2 or 3 tiered steamer. You can boil rice or pasta etc in the bottom compartment whilst steaming vegetables and/or fish in the tiers, a complete meal on one burner!

The greatest challenge however can come when you have to get your tent, all your equipment, yourself and the family into the car! There are a number of ways around this. For instance, consider travelling to a site where the tent and all equipment is provided and waiting for you properly erected when you get there. This is a good option for those who have never been or who have maybe not been camping for a while. It means no struggling with tent poles, badly translated instruction books and tangled guide ropes. All you will need is yourself, the family and a bit of bedding. Many of these sites are located in sunnier climes so you can even escape the unpredictable British weather.

Another way is to hire a larger car. There are many companies offering cheap car rental both in the UK and abroad. so, if you are struggling to get your 5 man tent in to your mini, car hire may be the option for you.

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